Dear fellow artist, art dealer, curator and friends,

Silk Artist Natasha Foucault needs your help. On Wednesday July, 29th 2009 at 4pm,  a box of 16 pieces of silk art work was taken from the parking garage adjacent to the Hilton Pasadena,  168 South Los Robles Avenue, Pasadena, California 91101.

The silk art was stretched over wood frames and was in a U-Haul box, 37 ½” tall x 27” wide x 4 ½’ deep – also inside were Natasha’s business cards and a poster of her book ‘Silk Diary’.

The artist, Natasha Foucault,  was there to set up for the Bead and Design Show being held in the Hilton Pasadena Hotel from July 30-August 2nd, stepped inside the building for a moment and when she came back to her car in a covered parking garage adjacent to the Hilton, the box of art was gone.

The content of the box included 16 painted silk pieces of art – photos are attached and the size of the piece is in the title of the art work.

Each piece is signed by the artist (see 2 variations of her signature in the attached photos)

As a fellow artist or an art collector, you can imagine how devastating it would be to have 16 pieces of fine art stolen.  If you have any information, if you saw someone pick up the box, if you picked up the box accidentally, or if you have seen the art surface anywhere, please contact the artist with your information.  A reward that leads to the return of the art work is being offered.   Any information would be most appreciated.

Contact Natasha directly at 415-826-5022 or email